Meet History

Back in the mid 1930’s Orange County consisted of 12 high schools, 10 of which were lumped into the Orange League regardless of size. Red Guyer recognized this inequity and the lack of any high school competitions for the county’s smallers schools. Due to this inequity, Laguna Beach hosted the first “minor” division track meet in 1937, and thus began the annual Trophy meet held almost every year until 1983.  During the 70’s, Laguna’s State Champion Eric Hulst attracted elite runners for special 1, 2, and 3 mile races featuring Southern California’s top long distance runners. By the late 70’s the 2-day meet annually attracted athletes from over 60 schools.

The Trophy Invitational was ressurected in 2010 for schools of all sizes, and the track was named the ERIC HULST TRACK.  The meet features the “Eric Hulst 3200” for both boys & girls.

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3 responses to “Meet History

  1. David Burch

    I was on the track team at UC Irvine with Eric Hulst and have wonderful memories of Eric and how much he loved to run. I now live in Laguna Beach and I noticed this website online. I very much appreciate all your efforts to remember Eric. I would be happy to help with the meet if you need volunteers.

    Thanks Dave Burch

  2. David,
    I appreciate your feedback. Email me and we can connect.


  3. Greetings Steve, I remember running at Laguna Beach as a freshman and sophomore. What a great meet. Now I am coaching our distance runners at Cathedral City High School and we will be attending the meet for the first time.

    David Gonzalez

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