Meet Information

ENTRIES OPEN: January 1, 2022 @ 12:00 p.m

ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday, March 13th, 2022 @11:59 PM.

ENTRIES: Teams will be allowed up to 3 entries per event/per level/per gender. Up to 5 entries per school/per gender will be allowed in the Eric Hulst 3200. Not all entries are guaranteed. We will get as many athletes into the meet as possible. Only the Track Athletes who do not get into the meet will be listed as alternates and will be eligible to replace any scratches.

FEES: $10.00 PER ATHLETE PER EVENT, $40 PER RELAY TEAM ($450 Maximum for boys team – $450 Maximum for girls team)

SEATING: Canopies will be allowed on the outfield of the baseball field and on the top row of the stands. 

T-SHIRTS: T-shirts and/or Tank Tops will be on sale for $10.00.

FOOD/SNACKS: A snack bar and a variety of  food vendors will be selling food/drinks.

PROGRAMS: Programs will be available for sale ($2.00) for spectators at the entrance of the stadium. It will include the Order of Events, the names of athletes that are competing in each heat and event, and the Trophy Invitational records for each event.

ADMISSIONS: Adults-$8.00; Students- $5.00; under 10-free CIF Cards will be honored.

PARKING: Parking is available Downtown at Parking lot 10 (725 Laguna Canyon Road) and metered parking along Laguna Canyon Road. Additional parking is also available at Thurston Middle School (2100 Park Ave). There will be a shuttle bus to and from the meet. Bus service will run continuously from the parking areas and LBHS. Bus stops will be marked with balloons and signs. Parking is also available on the city streets around Laguna Beach High School. Parking maps posted on the meet website. 

AWARDS: Trophy Invite awards will be given to the top 6 performers in all events on both varsity and frosh/soph levels. Top 3 relay teams will receive medals. The first place finisher in all individual varsity events will receive a custom backpack (Limit 1 backpack per athlete) and the top 10 finishers in the Eric Hulst 3200 will receive an Asics backpack. All athletes in the Eric Hulst 3200 will receive a small gift pack. In case of a tie, both athletes will receive an award. Athlete’s of the Meet will be awarded to the top overall male & female athletes. Athletes and/or coaches can pick up their awards at the Awards tent located on the infield after the results have been posted.

IN-FIELD ACCESS: Each team will receive infield access coaches wristband at check-in. The wristbands will allow coaches to be on the infield during the meet. Coaches will not be allowed on the infield without a wristband.

WARM-UP: The baseball field will be available as a warm-up area, as well as a team camp for canopies. Athletes will not be allowed to warm-up on the infield.

TIMING: Finished Results timing will be timing the meet.  If there is a malfunction of the timing system, the games committee reserves the right to rerun any race where an accurate time picture is required for placing. Races may be recalled if the system does not activate.

CLERK OF THE COURSE: All runners must check in with the Clerk 15 minutes prior to their event. Please have athletes pay attention the meet has run ahead of schedule in the past. Athletes who do not check in will be replaced with an alternate. The CLERK OF THE COURSE will be located near the warm up area on the southwest end of the track near the baseball area. Relay teams may check in with only one athlete; however it is the responsibility of the coach and relay athletes to be on the track for the correct race and compete in the assigned lane. If an athlete or relay team runs in the wrong race or lane they will be disqualified.


TRAINER: We will have 2 trainers available for injured athletes only. Each school is asked to supply their own tape.

FIELD EVENTS: All field events athletes are to check-in at their event. Each athlete will be given a total of 3 efforts for the F/S Long Jump & Triple Jump and 4 efforts in the Varsity Long Jump & Triple. Shot Put & Discus participants will get 3 efforts in prelims and the Top 8 Varsity will get 3 additional efforts. Marks less than the standards posted will not be measured.

JUMPING EVENTS: Athletes are to report in with the jumping official when their event is called. Coaches and athletes’ must be aware that all event times are approximate and events may finish or start prior to their approximate times. If an athlete needs to leave a jumping event to compete in a running event, they must first checkout with their field official, and then, upon the athletes return to the jumping event, the athlete will be inserted into the current jumping flight. Athletes may also select to jump prior to their assigned flight. If an athlete returns to the jumping event after it has been completed the event will NOT be reopened.


Boys High Jump: Varsity 5′4″ Frosh/Soph 5′0” Girls High Jump: Varsity 4′2″ Frosh/Soph 4′

Boys Pole Vault: To be contested at Newport Harbor High School

Opening Height & Progression:

Varsity:  10’0″    10’9″      11’6″      12’0″      12’6″ (increase 6 in after first 2 heights)

Frosh/Soph   8’0″      8’9″      9’6″      10’0″      10’6″(increase 6 in after first 2 heights) 

Girls Pole Vault: To be contested at Newport Harbor High School

Opening Height & Progression:

Varsity  8’0″      8’9″      9’6″      10’0″      10’6″(increase 6 in after first 2 heights)

Frosh/Soph   7’0″      7’9″      8’6″      9’0″      9’6″ (increase 6 in after first 2 heights)

Long Jump & Triple Jump: Varsity 4 Attempts; F/S 3 Attempts

Shot Put & Discus: 3 Attempts (Varsity Finals) (F/S – No Finals) To be contested at Newport Harbor High School

All Discus implements will be weighed for accuracy before the event begins.

See attached parking map.

Trophy Invitational Parking Map

Trophy Invite Parking Bus Stops

Finsihed results web logo


2 responses to “Meet Information

  1. Yes, we will be weighing the implements.

  2. Richard Sitan

    Hello, I wanted to know if the meet will be weighing in the shots and discus implements to have the marks eligible for Arcadia?

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